TOS for Free Art Usage

Terms of Use


By using my free Tubes, Wallpapers or other images you must abide by the following rules:


  • Please credit me when you use a tube publicly! All your creations made with my illustrations must have my copyright on them as: © Alysa L. Fioretzi / Along with my copyright you are allowed to add your own watermark or name 🙂


  • You must keep the size of my Tubes! You are not allow to make them larger. You are however allowed to make them smaller.


  • You are not allow to change the colors of my character illustrations but you are allowed to turn them in black and white. You are allowed to change the colors of the other elements that I have included in the packages such as stars, moons, flowers…. Sparkles, glittery borders, letters , names, animations and other elements of yours are allowed.


  • You are NOT allowed to mix my art with another artist’s art!


  • Facebook timeline covers are allowed. However, Facebook states that timeline covers must not contain urls so all timeline covers created must contain © Alysa L. Fioretzi


  • Creation of desktop backgrounds/wallpapers and calendars are allowed only with my Tubes and not with my ready made wallpapers. However,  you can not enlarge my tubes, no blanks and all of your creations that are shown in public must include my copyright on them as: © Alysa L. Fioretzi /


  • The fairy art Tubes , wallpapers or other free images are free to download ONLY for personal non-profit usage. They may not be printed, or used in any commercial projects or used for profit, without my permission. You are NOT allowed to distribute my free images to any online sharing sites,  groups, emails and other downloadable digital medias. ( Please respect this as it could cause me a great damage! ) In this case please share the link to my website 🙂


  • No pornographic or racism themes with my illustrations/tubes please!


I have the right to change the above terms of use at any time. If you have any questions feel free to contact me 🙂

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