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Fairy fantasy art gallery ~

[en] This is a collection of fairy, magic, gothic and fantasy artworks.

Here I showcase most of my fairy art and fantasy art illustrations. My favorite medium has  always been the watercolors but the last 2 months I have started experimenting with Digital Art after purchasing an Intuos4 wacom tablet. I admit that I will be always a  lover of watercolors painting but I had to switch from traditional to digital as I wasn’t able to keep my 1 year old daughter away from my painting table:)

For all my traditional art paintings I have used  a range of techniques from  quality artist’s watercolors ( Winsor & Newton )  to graphite and pencils. Some of the fairy and fantasy artworks are finalized in photoshop cs5. Most of my artworks are available for licensing to quality manufacturers & publishers and for purchase in different formats  at Enchanted Studio Online Shop.

[fr] Une collection de fées, magie, gothique et des oeuvres d’art fantastique.
Cette galerie présente mon art féerique & fantastique, également disponible aux fabricants et éditeurs. Pour mes peintures je utilise une gamme de techniques comme aquarelle de qualité supérieure, crayons et digital. La plupart de mes oeuvres sont disponibles pour achat à Enchanted studio boutique en ligne.

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