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From the Studio: Fantasy, Wicca, Witches! New Fantasy Art Release…
From the Studio: Fantasy, Wicca, Witches! New Fantasy Art Release…
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New Fantasy Art Release! I know I am always very late to my posts here. So many things happening in my private life that I find it hard to catch up with any online updates here and there .

So, Why did I paint this artwork last month?

I’ve  been always attracted by the Wicca Spirituality although I have never practiced it to the full extent.  I am Christian and I pray everyday. Wicca, Pagan and all these paths are not accepted by my religion but I am very spiritual person and I also have a gift ( premonitions ) that make me search deeper and deeper. I can also feel people’s energy. I am not able yet to control my premonitions but I try to find some resources about it. I DO BELIEVE in that energy around us and that there is more of what we can see 🙂 This energy is involved in Wicca and pagan paths. However, I am not interested in following these paths as a belief or religion but I would like to learn how I can control  my spiritual gifts.

Power of subconscious mind to make things happen. When we think of something strongly and continuously we can make it happen. That’s the effect of affirmations!

Wicca is to  connect with the divine.  What we have been calling ‘ Wicca or magic spells’ is actually a continuous process. Since our subconscious never rests, our environment is continually being shifted into line with our model. Our mind follows our attention. Wherever we direct our attention, there will go our thoughts too.

I DO NOT like the kind of “negative” Wicca with black magic rituals that include ceremonies to invoke gods and involve casting spells to harm others. But I do admit that some Wicca spells look more as simple prayers to angels. As a christian in my heart I can never turn my back on my only God of love! 🙂

fantasy dark art - wiccan pagan magic witches

You can also find another version of this artwork at my Deviant Art Account here.

Model Pose Credit: mizzd-stock
Other Art References:MaureenOlder

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  • Christen Johanson says:

    I love this! Your work is wonderful !

  • Bluemyst says:

    Beautiful! Just love it!

  • LightHeart says:

    A Magical delight!

  • Hellen Smith says:

    I like it very much Lillian! It is dark and peaceful:-)
    I was raised Christian but it’s only been recently that I’ve come to realize that I’ve always felt that there was more to spirituality than just what I was taught. I’ve been studying and practicing Wicca for almost 3 years now. I hold no ill-will towards the Christian belief; I just felt that it really wasn’t for me 🙁

    • lillyfae says:

      I am Christian but I have been just started exploring some wiccan beliefs.
      As a matter of fact, a lot of Christians do the contrary of what is written in the bible because they don’t understand half of it. There is a lot of things that could be explore about the habits of the christians and what is written.

  • Erin says:

    Wiccans love for the Earth is perhaps the greatest driving force in Wicca !

  • Star Lady says:

    I am a Wiccan. Wicca is a form of religious Witchcraft, and I love it dearly!
    This is a wonderful work! Love it!!

    Blessed Be

  • SHERRI says:

    Dark and Mystical !!!! ♥

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