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Am I a fairy character creator? Maybe! – Ma petite fée Pinky
Am I a fairy character creator? Maybe! – Ma petite fée Pinky
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Fairy art series of the fairy character Pinky in her magical world ~ art féerique d’une p’tite fée qui s’appele Pinky

I don’t know if I am actually a fairy character creator but I love  creating  characters inspired  from the realms of fantasy. It’s fun stepping into new shoes and finding new ways to express. Creating characters is probably my favourite part of painting. So far I have painted 4 fairy and angel characters based in the big eye art style. One of them is the fairy character Pinky. Pinky was born during my holidays in Greece. Just for the character, I used only watercolor pencils as this is the medium I usually take with me on trips. This little fairy is a bit dark and  gothic. I have also developed her as alice in worderland in a steampunk style. Pinky has been living in one pose but more will come :-)…. All of my  characters are young and female, but  I intend to create some males too.

pinky the steampunk big eye art fairytale alice style, alice in wonderland - art feerique p'tite fée

pinky's heart fairy art, big eye art - feerique , petite fée

pinky's lake fairy art big eye art - art feerique, petite fée rose

pinky's swing fairy art big eye art - art feerique , petite fée

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