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Alysa came into the world on the 29 of May. She was born and raised in Greece, the land of Gaia and other Goddesses & Muses. Even though Greece has been a land of mythology, fantasy has never been available to public at large. Alysa from her early ages, remembers drawing pictures of invisible friends as well as herself being with them in fantasy lands but she was never aware of the “little people”, fairies, elves and other fairytale creatures at that time.

Alysa graduated from the University of London , in UK, with a BA Degree in Art & Design with specialties in Business Development, Marketing and Research. Her professional career started in the Fashion Business field as consultant and visual merchandiser for a fashion company in London. In 2004, she resigned and became a freelance designer and writer for magazines. One year later she moved to France where she currently resides with her family. Her house is situated in the countryside surrounded by an enchanted forest which is a constant source of inspiration to her. Motivated by her love of nature she began drawing & painting fantasy art after coming across Tolkien’s Stories and the fairies of Brian Froud, Alan Lee and Amy Brown along with her freelance designing and writing occupation. Alysa is constantly fascinated by the idea that we can not see everything & there is more of what we can see. This sort of art brought to her a great believe and a glorious creative imagination.

” People that know me often call me an elf because I’m so small and nature . Yes, I am an elf pretending to be a human. I’ve always felt a calling to nature, and, even more strongly, an innate calling to magic. We are many of us in this world stuffed into human bodies. We are here to keep the magic alive that a lot of you have forgotten to see. A time will come when we will need it. But for now, we are having fun. ” Believe


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