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Caught in the fairies circle ~ Attrapé dans le cercle de fées
Caught in the fairies circle ~ Attrapé dans le cercle de fées
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New fairy art and fantasy art release – The magical fairy circle  ~ model credit: faestock

The winter was already there and flakes were scattered widely through the air. The flower princess of the red kingdom asked her  maiden to bring her more flowers for her flower-bed.  The maiden looked through her partially frosted window that morning watching the cold gray sky. She believed in fairies and she knew that fairies love flowers, trees and gardens.

In the midst of winter, she went into woods and followed a mystical path looking for strange sounds or signs. She knew that somewhere there, deep in the cold mist, there was a warm enchanted spot. Finding herself alone in that forest , the maiden started singing sometimes silently and sometimes aloud. In her tune she was calling the fairies telling them that she’d like to meet them. She kept walking far deep into the woods when she began hearing enchanted songs and sweet sounds. The air was telling her that fairies were near! She was standing here and there trying to notice where the fairies hotspot was. She grabbed her fairy bell ringer because she knew how to look for those little creatures! The sounds were becoming louder and louder. She paused and clapped her hands in a pattern. She clapped slowly twice and then clapped fast three times while whispering a fairies call:” fairies , fairies come to me, come twice come three times three, come this night and dance with me, bring your glory bring your flowers, bring your light so my queen can smile ” !

A golden light appeared through the trees, and the enchanted maiden sat still watching the fairies fly above the earth full of bloomed flowers and glowing toadstools. The fairy circle was there and the magic began!

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  • mark jordan says:

    she is gorgeous!!! i’m just falling love in that hot-red!!

    greetings from canada xxx

  • elven star says:

    Girl looks really beautiful and also these fairy lights are very well done:)
    great artwork!

  • dsl-fairy says:

    Beautiful! I really like this colour scheme, lots of RED!!!! 🙂

  • Bailey says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! And I love the choice of warm colors.

  • johanna says:

    Beautiful! I love the colors!

  • Donna says:

    I love fairytale stories. I love red. I love fairies. Beautiful!

    🙂 Take care.

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