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From the Studio: Christmas Fairy – Fairy Art ~ Art Féerique Noël !!!
From the Studio: Christmas Fairy – Fairy Art ~ Art Féerique Noël !!!
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” Waiting for Christmas”

New Fairy Art Release! I have a new fairy art and a Christmas fairy  just in time for the holidays !!!

There was once a little fairy that loved dancing in the woods.  She loved the cold winter days, the snowflakes and making toe prints on the snow.  She loved the smell of pine trees and seeing her breath turn to mist. The cold sun shining down on her bright red hair but there was something that she missed. She wanted so much to be a star, a golden glowing light, to sit up high on an evergreen tree for someone’s Christmas night. 🙂

FR) – Juste à temps pour les vacances une belle fée de la forêt:-)

Fairy Art - Christmas Fairy - la fée du Noel

Model Credit: mizzd-stock
– Other credits : zememz

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