Fairy art and fantasy art, a magical path to enchantment and the fairies world

Fairies, dragons, mermaids, goddesses, enchanted maidens and surrealism characters await.Fairy and fantasy artworks made with love and magic!

Caught in the fairies circle ~ Attrapé dans le cercle de fées

The winter was already there and flakes were scattered widely through the air. The flower princess of the red kingdom asked her maiden to bring her more flowers for her flower-bed. The maiden looked through her partially frosted window that morning watching the cold gray sky. She believed in fairies and she knew that fairies love flowers, trees and gardens. In the midst of winter, she went into woods and followed a mystical path looking for strange sounds or signs. She knew that somewhere there, deep in the cold mist, there was a warm enchanted spot

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From the Studio: Christmas Fairy – Fairy Art ~ Art Féerique Noël !!!

” Waiting for Christmas” New Fairy Art Release! I have a new fairy art and a Christmas fairy  just in time for the holidays !!! There was once a little fairy that loved dancing in the woods.  She loved the cold winter days, the snowflakes and making toe prints on the snow.  She loved the […]

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