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Big eyed art ~ Tabitha et son doudou ( poupette d’art féerique )
Big eyed art ~ Tabitha et son doudou ( poupette d’art féerique )
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Big eyed art painting in watercolors – A new Big eyed art character has been added in my galleries. It’s Tabitha, a white hair little girl who is accompanied by her  teddy bear.

Her  Teddy Bear is her closest friend and confidant that give her comfort. It’s her friend, through giggles and tears with those black button eyes and the comforting look . The Teddy Bear knows Tabitha’s deepest secrets. It’s her loyal friend.

Tabitha and her Teddy Bear hold the magic of an unforgettable friendship. The Teddy Bear knows how to soothe her heart and calm her fears. Through ups and downs  her Teddy Bear is her  pillow, her  moonlit night…..

[fr] Un nouveau personnage ( Big eyed art ) a été ajouté dans mes galeries. C’est Tabitha, une jeune fille aux cheveux blancs  accompagné par son doudou .

big eye art


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