• Fairies, Magic & Fantasy

    Fairies, Magic & Fantasy

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  • Fairy Daenerys

    Fairy Daenerys

    Inspired by Daenerys Game of Thrones – Daenerys Targaryen and the Birth of a Dragon! An egg did shatter. Out popped a glow with a red flame and a little red head was shown. It’s tiny young wings, were the spiniest things, and it opened it’s mouth to be fed. The land gave a […]

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  • Face of Dryad

    Face of Dryad

    Fairy fantasy art gallery Read more
  • Fertility


    Inspired by the angel of fertility who keeps the earth and nature fruitful and multiplying. She answers the call for fulfillment so that what you have worked for may now be harvested. Read more
  • The fairies circle

    The fairies circle

    The winter was already there and flakes were scattered widely through the air. The flower princess of the red kingdom asked her maiden to bring her more flowers for her flower-bed. The maiden looked through her partially frosted window ... She believed in fairies and she knew that fairies love flowers, trees and gardens. In the midst of winter, she followed a mystical path.... Read more
  • The Secret of the lake

    The Secret of the lake

    The Lady of the Lake, a caring goddess, and a very strong healer. The most mystical character of any in the Arthurian tales....See more artworks of Fantasy art! Read more
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☼ Bienvenue dans un monde magique celui des fées et elfes,lutins, gnomes, dryades, sylves, ondines, sirènes, korrigans, trolls, géants, dragons et autres créatures féeriques.S'échapper aux chemins enchantés de ce monde du fantastique.